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‘El cuerpo de la montaña’

group show at Centro de Estudios Lebaniegos in Potes (Cantabria, Spain)

curated by Laura Olea López
text by Margot E. Cuevas
graphic design and visual identity by Can Lejárraga

artists selection:
Carla Souto
Manuel Diego Sánchez
Mercedes Pimiento
Natalia Domínguez y Carlos Aparicio
Cantabria Finita

A project by Syndic
suported by Vice-presidency of the Government of Cantabria, the Regional Council of Universities, Equality, Culture and Sports and the collaboration of the Regional Society of Education, Culture and Sports.

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**by Margot E. Cuevas**

"The Mountain is the name that our region used to receive,
and mountain people are its inhabitants"
'Summits of Cantabria' by Luis de Izarra
Ed. Caja Cantabria Foundation, 1997

"This work will deal with Liébana and the Picos de Europa,
but it will not be about all of Liébana, nor will it be only about Liébana"

Prologue of the book 'Liébana and the Picos de Europa'
by La Voz de Liébana, Santander, 1913

This group exhibition presents, through the works of emerging Spanish artists, a speculative exercise that distorts the conceptual and physical limits of the landscape and the environment that surrounds us.

We always think of the mountain as a static geographical feature, a rock formation that remains immovable and with which we have to live, but what are the limits of the mountain? Is it always a fixed entity? Has it always been there? The exhibition "The body of the mountain" approaches these questions in the Picos de Europa area and the Liébana Valley from scientific studies, poetic resources and symbolic translations.

Still from ‘¿Existe la montaña?’ by Natalia Domínguez and Carlos Aparicio

Project selected within the COMISARIADO Program 2022 carried out with the support of the Vice-Presidency of the Government of Cantabria and the collaboration of La Sociedad, the Regional Society of Education, Culture and Sport.

Imágenes de la exposición ‘El cuerpo de la montaña’: