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sóc artista provisional*.
Potser demà ja no ho seré, potser mai ho he sigut… (*a favor de lo visual

Crec que sóc més bromista que artista, però adjunto el meu statement oficial en anglès per liar-ho tot més:

I intentionally take up the roles of the entertainer, instigator, stooge – inviting the audience to join me in the creation of the (comedy) act, and the search for a punchline. It’s in this process where the inherent absurdities and contradictions of the moment are drawn upon and emphasised; confronting and questioning the function of representation, and the role of humour within it.

I’m particularly interested in the shifting state of usership; exploring what the impacts are or could be on the producer and consumer now they are virtually indistinguishable from one another. I do this through using the language of the digital focusing on the increasingly familiar etiquettes and behaviours contained within the dominant self-publishing social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.
Està bé mix d’idiomes, de repente.

La Infinita ha confiado en mí para seguir desarrollando mi práctica e imaginario en su espacio.
Yo propongo un libro. Un libro que active un show. Un show que active un libro.
Let’s see…

Entre tu i jo, Entreteniment.

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