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Mans O

"Three Stages of Change Appreciation"

sound installation at Capillas del Convento de San Agustí, Barcelona (Spain)

curated by Laura Olea López
produced by Whisper Not Agency
in collaboration with Sociedad 0

MANS O presents the most comprehensive and fragmented of his projects through an installation and performance in the chapels of the Convent of San Agustín. The ephemeral event of just two days, will be the first time to listen to his three parallel albums in an exhibition space.

The space will crystallize the nature of the project thanks to the installation designed for Sociedad 0, responsible for the scenographic work of the comprehensive exhibition that the artist also provided at Sónar 2019 as a culminating action, in which all the disciplines that Roman Daniel has been able to explore in his career.

With this action MANS O opens the way from the project freedom to celebrate sensory exploration free of boundaries, appealing to the mystery that surrounds the fractal coexistence between the one and the infinite.

"Three Stages of Change Appreciation" is released by the nascent platform VITAMIN on a usb drive designed by Mateo Palazzi containing the three albums.

MANS O is the solo project of Roman Daniel, a young Barcelona born in Switzerland. In 2014, and thanks to the release of his first EP 'Macaya' under the umbrella of the underground label Disboot, MANS O had the opportunity to perform at the Sónar festival. The artist presented for the first time on the Sonar Village stage some of the tracks that would later appear on his second work, 'Thirst o Set', also released with Disboot. Culminating this last work, we find the song 'drained sun or drained sun' the official video of which directed by Carlota Guerrero was acclaimed by the national press.

MANS O has performed in numerous national and international venues and platforms such as Boiler Room have allowed him to show to a wider audience the unfiltered selections that characterize his DJ sets.